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Young Hopeful Is Stripped, Violated And Stroked By Two Girls

Kate and Stefani have got a new young hopeful in their office today hoping he can be a porn stud. Sadly for him these women are going to pound him hard to show him what the industry is about. They get him to strip off and then bend over and he has to sit there and accept it as they pump sex toys up his ass. Kate then puts on her strapon and starts pumping him on all fours while Stefani reaches under hi body and yanks on his cock. The poor boy gets manhandled onto his back with his legs in the air so Stefani can have a turn at shoving the dildo up his bum. This time Kate squats on his face and reaches forward to jerk his dick until he cums all over himself. He says goodbye with a sore ass and wishing he had never wanted to get into porn.

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Lady’s night Halloween party

It was a wild lady’s night last night because everyone was in costume in anticipation of the coming Halloween.  It’s kinda of like a masquerade party only wilder and done in a male strip club.  The chicks came in all types of different costumes, and me and the male strippers came in the only costume we’re used to, and that’s wearing nothing at all and all the chicks love watching naked men dancing!

But even though they came in all sorts of costumes, they only have one thing in mind, and that’s to get their hands, their mouths and their pussies in some male stripper cock.  And they weren’t shy about it either.  The moment we went on stage, the chicks started making their way towards our cocks.

Cfnm blowjobs started going around the club and I was getting my cock sucked by hot chicks in very sexy Halloween costumes!  The chicks kept coming and the cfnm action wasn’t stopping, and that’s how I wanted it!  I’m not really sure if the costumes made those chicks wilder but I was getting more cfnm sex than I usually do.

It’s not that I’m complaining or anything but, most of the ladies are typically happy with cfnm blowjob, but last night, they didn’t want to let me go without feeling my cock in their pussies.  And even while I was fucking them they were sucking on another male stripper.  It was just totally wild, and those horny chicks milked my cock dry!  My whole body including my cock was sore from all that cfnm sex I had last night, but it was well worth it!  All that cfnm action in just one night, how lucky can I actually get?


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Guy’s Trousers Tear Off In Front Of Five Girls!

Wet Paint from PureCFNM

Ed is taking his lunch break in the park and has settled down on a bench to read his magazine. Unknown to him the bench has recently been painted and a group of women walking past see the “wet paint” sign on the back of the bench and tell him about it. When he attempts to stand up he is horrified as his pants rip clean off because they are stuck to the bench! But things are worse, Ed didn’t wear any boxer shorts this morning so he is now standing completely nude from the waist down and the girls burst out into fits of laughter. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when he tries to cover himself up but the ladies have now taken pity on the poor guy and come over to see if they can assist. However, rather than helping with his trousers they soon take more interest in his dick and start to take turns groping it. This soon becomes full on masturbating and the blushing Ed doesn’t even say anything when one of the girls starts taking photos on her cell phone so she can send pictures of his cock to her other friends. With these strange girls hands all over his dick, Ed is having a great time and soon ejaculates all over the grass in front of them!

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Birthday madness

I did a birthday party last night, and since it seems that most of these ladies haven’t been to a male strip club I decided to do a routine that most of my regular customers are used to seeing.  I gave them the cock in the box routine which was a bit cheesy but I was pretty sure that they were going to love it.  I mean what chick wouldn’t love naked men dancing with their cocks in a box right?  So there I was with my cock in this tiny box ready to give the birthday girl the best gift she will ever get!

So I got into the living room full of hot chicks eager to see a male stripper bare it all!  I go around and tease the ladies a little bit before whipping out my monster man slinger and swinging it around their horny faces.

The naughty chicks were all over my cock.  Giving me some hot cfnm action using their hands and their mouths!  But it was the birthday girl who was going to get the special treatment.  I went to her with box in hand and I slapped her face with my meaty shaft and told her to give me a cfnm blowjob.

She went down on my cock pretty hard and she was sucking it like a vacuum cleaner!  It was followed by some hot cfnm sex as her jealous friends looked on.  I told them they had nothing to worry about, because after I give the birthday girl her dose of cfnm sex, the rest of them can have my cock and do whatever they wanted with it.  I humped the celebrant hard in the middle of the living room and my final present for her was a  huge jizz bomb right on her face.


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My great big cock


One of my regular customers introduced me to one of her friends last night.  Her name was Shelly, and she’s this cute rocker girl with tattoos all over her left arm, a great curvy body, big luscious tits and a sweet and wet pussy.  Shelly invited me for a drink after my shift, so we went to her favorite bar and had a couple of beers then she asked me if I could her a private show at her place.  She always wanted to sleep with a male stripper and her friend told her that I was the best one around.

Shelly was telling me about how she was checking out the naked men dancing in the bar, and how she found me the sexiest among them.  Of course I was flattered and excited at the same time because I was going to get the chance to screw that sizzling piece of dripping pussy.

At her place she made me dance and when I was completely naked she started giving me a cfnm blowjob and was massaging my balls at the same time.  She told me how much she loved my huge male stripper cock.  She sucked me hard and was sucking my cock down to the base.

She got me really hard, then she got on top of me and we had some hot cfnm sex.  That wild slut was riding my cock while I was busy squeezing and sucking her perfect tits.  She was having a hard time shoving my cock in her tight pussy.  She told me that my cock was so huge she felt like her pussy was being ripped, and she was loving it.

I was loving her tight pussy as well, and my male stripper cock wanted to fuck her even more!  She was screaming and moaning out loud with every shove of my cock and when I finally exploded she to all my juice in her mouth.

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Slow start

Well, it’s monday night again, not the best of nights especially for a male stripper like me.  The club in not that active on a monday night and I can’t blame the people.  Mondays are really just terrible.  Even I have to admit that I wasn’t much in the mood to do anything last night.  Thankfully there was a group of really wild chicks who stood out from the small crowd and they were demanding to see some naked men dancing.

Since it wasn’t such a big crowd I was the only one dancing that night and I was still wishing that I’d stayed at home.  At least those chicks made the night a bit more bearable and actually fun!

They were the only group in the club who was actually making some noise and cheering me on despite the fact that I was the only male stripper dancing that night.  Some of the other chicks were quietly sipping their drinks and just watching me do my male stripper stuff.  Then one chick from the noisy group lifted her skirt and flashed her pussy at me, and she told me that she wanted me to lick her hard.

So I snacked on her gorgeous muff, making her all wet and horny and after that, she started giving me a cfnm blowjob.  The club was slowly coming to life as the ladies were starting to make some noise and getting wilder.  The other male strippers came out and we had ourselves a cfnm party.

I could see that the cfnm party was heating up and I was slowing getting in the mood.  The hot and horny chick whose pussy I was snacking on was really wet and really horny and her friends were telling me to go all the way.  She gave me that look that told me that she wanted my cock in her pussy, so we had cfnm sex on the table much to the delight of her friends and after pounding her delicious pussy I gave her a huge jizz bomb on her face.


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Nice college chicks

It’s quite rare for me to take the night off during weekends, but I did last Saturday and me and my buddy Derick just had some beer at their place.  I don’t know but somehow being a male stripper doesn’t seem as exciting as it did before, or maybe because I’m just tired.  Anyway we were there drinking outside on the garden and I was telling him about all the cfnm action that I get at the club.  Just then a car arrives full of hot college chicks, and Derick told me that those chicks live next door and they’re wild party girls as well.

Well, one thing I could say was I wouldn’t mind getting wild with those chicks, and just as I was thinking about it Derick calls them and tells them to join our little drinking party.  I was excited as hell!  So we had Anna and Karen keep us company for the night.

Those chicks also know how to drink because they were keeping up with me.  Derick told them about my job as a male stripper and they told me that they just love to see naked men dancing.  Anna whispered and asked me if I could give her a private show inside.  I told Derick about it and he told me that we could use the guest room.

So there we were and I was showing Anna some of my male stripper moves, and she was loving it!  She loved it so much that when I was completely naked, she started giving me a cfnm blowjob.  She was taking my whole cock in her small mouth.  She was asking me whether I like college girls and I told her it depends on how good they can suck my cock, and I told her that her cfnm blowjob was one of the best that I’ve had.

We were standing up and I was fondling her tits while she was giving me a cfnm handjob.  Then she got on the bed and told me that she wanted me to fuck her.  I was in no position to refuse I horny college chick, so I slipped my cock in her tight pussy and we had cfnm sex all night all.  By morning, they both had left but it was still a good night with hot cfnm action.


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Three Ladies Strip And Abuse A Guy’s Ass And Cock

Three ladies are discussing what a twat this local guy Bob is. He has upset all of them at one time or another and the women want revenge. They ring Bob up and ask him over pretending that they will give him a good time. Unfortunately for Bob, when he walks in they yank his clothes off and show him a large pink dildo. He asks what they are going to do with it but doesn't have to wait long to find out as they push him over and push the sex toy up his anus. The poor boy is begging them to stop but the women give his ass a heavy pounding with the dildo. They take it in turns and one of them even reaches under his body and starts yanking on the boy’s cock. Against his will the boy starts to get excited and cums all over the floor which makes the girls laugh at him even more.

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Cum one cum all


Ah lady’s night, the night where the ladies go wild on our cocks!  Last night was just like any other lady’s night, which was intense and pretty fucking crazy!  The chicks came in hordes and they ranged from college girls to horny housewives.  I saw a lot of familiar faces on the crowd and they were eager for my male stripper cock.  The cfnm madness got off pretty early as the chicks were all getting the attention of the naked men in the club.

Thing got really wild because there was even a couple of chicks who were dancing with me on stage and gave me some cfnm blowjobs right after.  There were a couple of new comers as well which we get every week and they were impressed when I whipped out my massive man slinger and slapped their faces with it.

Cfnm blowjobs soon turned into cfnm sex as the ladies got really horny once their bodies were flowing with alcohol!  The regulars were the ones who were competing for my cock.  There was even this horny college girl who gave me a fucking lap dance and shook her ass in front of my face before asking for some cfnm sex.

The pussies were scattered all over the club last night, and I was either getting a cfnm blowjob or having cfnm sex with some drunk and horny chick!  One of the ladies was even teacher her friend how to properly give a cfnm blowjob to a male stripper, I mean it was just wild and that night was basically anything goes!

I got to fuck a couple of hot chicks as well.  Their all hot don’t get me wrong but some of them were just total cock candy and I enjoyed pushing my cock deep into their horny pussies!  As usual lady’s night was a big blow out and it was a night full of horny women and cfnm action.

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Stunned By Massive Penis These Four Women Can’t Help But Suck It Until It Cums

Big Cock Shower from PureCFNM

Paige is boasting to her three friends about how huge her lodger’s cock is but they don’t believe it's true. When she tells them it is nearly 12 inches long they say it’s not possible but she stands firm that she caught a flash of it when he was in the bathroom recently. The girls then hear he is in the shower and agree to take a look for themselves. They glimpse in the door and are astounded by how enormous Danny is. As he finishes his shower and dries himself off they get a good view of his penis and when he spots them they tug his towel away so he can’t cover himself. Danny protests but the four girls shove him to the ground and surround him so they can get a better look at the large dick. Watch the trailer here to see how they start wanking it and are stunned when it starts to grow even more. Paige and Jess are so turned on by this beautiful dick that they have a competition to see if they can deep throat him! As the four girls wank him and Paige and Jess take turns sucking him, Danny loses control and covers Jess’s face in jizz!

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